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Pharmaceutical and Health Care Field

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Pharmaceutical and Health Care Field

1.Treatment of Local Burns

It has been proven that bromelain can help remove dead skin cells in third-degree burns and assist in the healing of first and second-degree burns.

2.Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases

Bromelain is beneficial as a proteolytic enzyme for preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases. It helps promote healthy blood flow by reducing platelet aggregation and decreasing the chance of clot formation in blood vessels. This may reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

3.Sinusitis Relief

Bromelain is a supplement used to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis. When combined with quercetin, it may help reduce sinusitis, while quercetin acts as an antihistamine.

4.Anti-inflammatory Effect

Bromelain effectively treats inflammation and edema in a variety of tissues, including thrombophlebitis, skeletal muscle injuries, hematomas, stomatitis, diabetic ulcers, and sports injuries.

5.Improve Drug Absorption

Bromelain can be used in combination with various antibiotics to improve their efficacy. For example, the study showed that it could promote the transmission of antibiotics at the site of infection, thus reducing the number of antibiotics used. In addition, pineapple protease can promote the absorption of nutrients.


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