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  • Bromelain


    Bromelain is a group of sulfhydryl hydrolytic proteases extracted and refined from bromeliads-pineapple by bioengineering technology. ...

  • SOD lyophilized powder

    SOD lyophilized powder

    SOD lyophilized powder product description:Product name: superoxide dismutase....

  • amylase


    There are 3 types of amylase:low temperature alpha amylase.mesophilic alpha amylase.high temperature alpha amylase....

  • pectinase


    Pectinase is a multi-enzyme enzyme preparation developed and produced by our company. ...

  • Alkaline protease

    Alkaline protease

    Alkaline protease is a proteolytic enzyme from Bacillus licheniformis 2709 bred by bacterial protoplast mutagenesis....

  • papain


    Papain is a pure natural biological enzyme product extracted from the immature fruit of papaya plant by bioengineering technology. ...

  • Rennin


    Rennin ( Chymosin ) is a natural biological enzyme obtained by separating and purifying the immature fruit of natural papaya by bioengineering technology....

  • glucose oxidase

    glucose oxidase

    basic information:Product Name: Glucose Oxidase.Main Ingredients: Glucose Oxidase, Glucose....

  • Description


    Lysozyme is a glycoside hydrolase, consisting of 18 kinds of 129 amino acid residues, with 4 S-S bonds and a molecular weight of 14307. ...

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