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Saw Palmetto extract

Saw Palmetto extract

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1. Product Name: Saw Palmetto extract

Main ingredients: Fatty acid

Molecular weight: /

Molecular formula: /

Molecular Structure:/

CAS Number: /

Detection method: GC

Appearance: White powder

Source: This product is derived from the dried and ripe fruit of Saw Palmetto Serenoa repens (bartram) small.


Fatty acid 25% GC (white powder)

Fatty acid 30% GC (white powder)

Fatty acid 45% GC (white powder)

2.product description:

Saw palmetto extract is made of saw palmetto oil extracted from saw palmetto fruit as raw material, β-cyclodextrin is used as auxiliary material, and the oil encapsulation process is adopted to convert saw palmetto oil into powder products, which is convenient for preparation and preparation. take. The product properties are generally off-white powder with slightly poor fluidity.

3.Flow chart:

Storage:Sealed and shaded, stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place.

4. Efficacy:

Inhibition of prostate hyperplasia, antibacterial effect, vasoconstriction, muscle strengthening, anti-mucosal, diuretic and other effects. Mainly used for prostatic hypertrophy, treatment of impotence, sexual dysfunction, nephropathy, cystitis, orchitis, bronchitis, loss of appetite, nasal mucosal congestion and promotion of breast hyperplasia.

5. Application areas:

Applied in the field of food;

Applied in the field of healthcare.


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