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    Lactase is an enzyme fermented from Aspergillus oryzae and Kluyveromyces lactis....

  • Acid protease

    Acid protease

    cid protease is a kind of endoprotease obtained by submerged fermentation and culture of selected Aspergillus niger, and then refined and extracted by microfiltration, ultrafiltration and vacuum freeze-drying technology. ...

  • Pepsin


    Pepsin is a solid enzyme preparation extracted from animal gastric mucosa, which belongs to endopeptidase. ...

  • Pancreatin


    Pancreatin is a compound enzyme that is extracted, refined and compounded....

  • Lipase


    Product properties: light yellow powder.Product specification: 10000-300000U/G (can be customized)....

  • Sericin powder

    Sericin powder

    Product Presentation:Sericin powder amino acids are made from pure silk elements, including 18 kinds of amino acids such as L-alanine and L-serine....

  • Silk Powder

    Silk Powder

    Product Presentation:Silk powder is a high molecular weight, water-soluble silk protein....

  • Silk Peptide Powder

    Silk Peptide Powder

    Product Presentation:Silk Peptide is a albumin product, which can be obtained after hydrolysis from silk, contains 18 kinds of amino acids....

  • Nannochloropsis Powder

    Nannochloropsis Powder

    Product Name:Nannochloropsis Powder...

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